A New Beginning

Welcome all to One More Turn, a jolly merger of computer game review blog Imperium and film review blog Lack of Faith. OMT is a dream given form – a space station five miles long loc- no wait, that’s something else. OMT is a place where two broadly like-minded brothers, Chris (me) and Tom, can post their opinion, criticism and haphazard attempts at witticism for all the world to see, and then politely mock.

In burying Imperium and Lack of Faith we have preserved some of their riper fruits.  All of our past reviews have been transplanted to OMT and neatly stacked in the ‘Film reviews’ and ‘Game reviews’ sections respectively.  No doubt a cursory glance through those archives will be sufficient to give the impression that (at least for me) OMT is the end of a year long germination period.

Perhaps poetically, my first review was of what I still judge to be the best game yet made – the fantastic Planescape: Torment, and I’m not at all embarassed to admit that my writings barely began to give it justice.  Hopefully if you read forward a few months, and a few more after that, you’ll start to see a trend of improvement.  I intend to carry on that trend until dementia or madness settle in.

I also intend to keep my promises, of which I believe I currently have one outstanding – to write a review of strategy colossus Sins of a Solar Empire.  That review may still be a while coming thanks to a bout of chronic laziness I seem to suffering at the moment, but I will carry on posting about what I’m playing and any noteable gaming experiences I have until the illness subsides.

Stand by for an inspirational inauguration speech from Tom soon, and also expect the look of the blog to change as time goes by – including (most importantly) the creation of a proper site banner, amongst other delights.  Until then I invite you to explore the OMT archives.


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