The Ladder + Minecraft = eerie

April 4, 2011

I’m descending into an old section of my mining network in my single player Minecraft world.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back here.  Castle and fort building projects to the northeast have kept me occupied and these mines have taken on an almost nostalgic quality.

I set up a custom Painterly texture pack recently, and with it installed the narrow stone staircase ahead of me is obscured by what seems to be a subterranean fog.  The walls are a dark rock, mottled with unexcavated dirt.  It’s eerie, like a tomb in a forgotten part of a graveyard.  Then on Spotify the song ‘Homeworld’, from Yes’s 1999 album The Ladder, unexpectedly starts playing: an alien sound, the echoes of a star whale moaning, the abyss of space.  The moment is crystallised.  Epic.

Anyway I’ve seen some cool videos recently worth sharing.  First up, a new trailer for Green Lantern pieced together from scenes shown at something called WonderCon, which you can watch over at Apple’s trailers site.

And to follow, something on a lower budget.  A fan-made Left 4 Dead movie which is a worthy effort, if a little sentimental and badly written in places:

Thanks to PC Gamer for that one.



February 27, 2011

I want you to ask yourself a question.  Some have said it is the question that defines our generation: is it possible to make a film about a telekinetic tire that goes on a killing spree?

Before you answer that question, watch this trailer for a film called Rubber.

Zack Snyder rumors are surely bullshit

February 17, 2011

I simply can’t believe that these rumors about Zack Snyder’s upcoming movies, reported by the Escapist, are true.

It’s one thing to claim that Sucker Punch might not be as entertaining as the trailers suggest, but quite another to say that Superman: Man of Steel might not happen because of problems with the script.  I would be stunned to see anything sub-par, or even less than brilliant, created (or indeed co-created in this case) by Christopher Nolan.

Even if these rumors are confirmed, I will be going to see Sucker Punch and I will continue to look forward with childish glee to Man of Steel.  I’ve yet to see a Snyder film I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

And based on Totally Rad Show’s frankly dumb Tron: Legacy review, most people don’t know what they’re jabbering on about when it comes to films anyway.